Eat Variety for Good Nutrition

variety-in-foods-saves-the-long-life2It makes sense that if you eat a variety of different foods, then you’ll be absorbing a variety of nutrients.

Most people benefit from eating 3 moderate size meals, plus one to two snacks, spread evenly throughout the day. This helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent cravings.

Try to eat at least one portion of vegetables with each meal, alongside some healthy protein, natural fats and carbohydrate, as and when appropriate for your needs.

Bear in mind that fruit is naturally high in sugar, so best to have just one or two portions a day, favoring choices with a lower sugar content, such as apples (with the skin on) and berries.

And remember…it’s fun to experiment with foods you’ve not tried before. Explore the grocery shelves for interesting choices to expand your food experience.